Tecsun PL-660

QSL from KBS World Radio

Frequency: 3955 kHz
SINPO: 32332
Date: 10/22/2018
Time: 20:15 UTC – 20:45 UTC
• Program outlook in German
• Music: チェ・ベクホ 全集 2 チェ・ベクホ
• German Report about stars for restaurants
• German report about sport
• News in German
• Altagskoreanisch (learning Korean language)

Receiver: TECSUN PL-660
Antenna: 6 meter long wire

QSL contact: english@kbs.co.kr; german@kbs.co.kr


QSL from Radio Thailand World Service

Frequency: 9920 kHz
Station: Radio Thailand
SINPO: 53334
Date: 09/17/2018
Time: 19:45 UTC – 20:15
Program: Music, English talk about making and drinking tea, local reports in German e.g. sustainability, lotus flowers, expo in pattaya, thai food, german orchestral music

Receiver: TECSUN PL-660
Antenna: self-made magnetic loop

E-Mail-Contact: radiothailand@outlook.com and feedback@hsk9.org